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This event was recorded on October 12th, if you have missed the online event please click on this link for the recording.

IMG LAB, Playgrounds and graduates of Illustrated & Animated Storytelling join forces in this online talk. The event starts with a compilation of the last session ’Pioneers’ from IMG LAB, where a number of our graduates presented their work in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. A few of these graduates will elaborate on their work and take part in a Q&A. An alumnus of the study Illustrated & Animated Storytelling will talk about the Playgrounds’ Talent Programme. Also, there are interviews with graduates, we’ll get you some flashy visuals from VJ’s Olivier Haarman & Dennis Klip and of course there are great new graduation projects on display!

The field of Illustrated & Animated Storytelling will be viewed from different angles: animation, AR & VR, sound, research and, what many graduates will recognize: what the hell now?


To attend this online event please go on the designated time to nowshow.nl and the live stream will open automatically on your screen.


-> If you have missed the online event please click on this link for the recording <-