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Welcome to INSIDE OUT Graduation Show 2020 of the Master Institute of Visual Cultures, St. Joost School of Art & Design ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL), co-hosted by Dutch Design Week 2020 and Playgrounds.

From wherever you are, please join us virtually on www.thecurrent.is

We have all been turned INSIDE OUT lately. We were asked to answer questions about materiality, physicality, and intimacy from a whole new angle. How do these concepts articulate themselves in a time where the digital is our predominant space of interaction? Come INSIDE OUT with us and be inspired. (excerpt from MIVC graduates curatorial statement)

Visitors can discover the emerging talented artists and designers from all over the world, who have developed works that show the visionary power of art and its ability to forge new concepts and ways of thinking. The online exhibition is curated under the rubric of six thematic chapters for you to navigate, explore and immerse yourself in the work of 23 graduate pathways.

Showcasing works by Amalie Dyrup, Anna Habova, Geert van der Schaaf, Giulia Fuel, Hosein Daneshpajooh, Jard van Everdink, Jesse van den Berg, Jiyoung Choi, Kris Vleugels, Lena Passlick, Luca Pupulin, Minke Nouwens, Monique van de Ven, Nikita Narayan Ratan Parkhe, Petru Ciocoiu, Ruiou Jiang, Sem Panhuizen, Siyu Zhang, Tea Ferrari, Yanxian Zhao, Yaoxuan Wang, Ying Liu, Zeynep Gursel.

Go to www.thecurrent.is

Programme Graduation Show Master Institute of Visual Cultures