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EXHIBITION (no booking required)

7 October we are open at 15.00h – 17.00h.

8-11 October we are open from 11.00h-17.00h

Poppy, are you there?

During times of isolation, we’ve gathered in our garden.
And we’ll be there for as long as it stands.

‘’Perhaps we’ll do a bit of weed whacking. Maybe graze on some grass’’
‘’Well, I’d like to trim my bonsai, whereas you’d rather build a firepit’’
‘’Why don’t you climb that tree while I look away, and the others can pretend to be the wind’’
‘’Let’s watch grass grow’’, ‘’Let’s make wine from this”
‘’The soil is wet with sound – I bet you’d like to see what it looks like from up here’’
‘’Maybe tomorrow I don’t want to care for your flowers anymore (and yet maybe I do)’’

Our work will be featured on five different locations. Come join us in the dirt.

Website Poppy are you there

Artemis Theater: Daan Mulder, Jesse Fischer, Charlotte Bol, Manon Jeuken, Jim van den Heuvel

De Nieuwe Kunstruimte: Donata Meijer, Julie ten Broek, Ema Vanekova

Galerie Mieke van Schaijk: Wanda Tiersma, Kiki Bouman, Tosja van Lieshout

Het Noordbrabants Museum: Charlotte Bol, Jesse Fischer

Kunstruimte de Melkfabriek: Anouk Bouwens, Ruben Golstein, Ema Vanekova, Jesse Fischer

Following the guidelines of the RIVM, we aim to ensure the safety for both the visitor and the exhibitor. We would like to ask visitors to cooperate, keeping 1.5m distance and we ask for your understanding for possible queues.