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EXHIBITION booking required

Get ready for an impressive exhibition by the new designers with powerful design attitudes. This extraordinary class of 2020 shows itself to be flexible and resilient. The graduates have reinvented their professional practices by creating projects that are relevant and urgent to themselves, society and the world. Now these new creative forces come together in a show with a wide diversity of elaborations and media: from posters and design products to installations and experiences. Welcome to visit!


If you want to visit this exhibition, you are required to book a time slot prior to your visit to limit the number of visitors. Within your chosen time slot you can visit all four exhibitions in Belcrum area.

Book your ticket for a visit to the exhibition here.

Read more information on the Belcrum exhibition route.

Following the guidelines of the RIVM, we aim to ensure the safety for both the visitor and the exhibitor. We would like to ask visitors to cooperate, keeping 1.5m distance and we ask for your understanding for possible queues.