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‘Exhibition of a live stream’ elsewhere (no booking required) 

How to connect to the city? In de shop window of the Stedelijk Museum visitors will pass by a screen broadcasting the live exhibition that takes places near the Backer & Rueb halls. The live stream at the Museum shop window allows the casual passer-by to immerse him- or herself in a world that might otherwise never would occur.

The audio emitted by the live stream cannot be heard by passers-by. That is why the viewer will only experience the visual part of the live stream. This fact has been the starting point for a step within the radical approach of the live stream: the work shown can be revised and reinterpreted as the audio disappears. In addition to the visual content on the screens, the display window will also show ceramic work by Sid Dankers and Mike Megens that will be on display from the Backer & Rueb halls throughout the live stream.

The 72 hour ‘Live Streaming: A Radical Approach’ to be watched at the Stedelijk Museum Shop window will be supported by programmed performances. Several artists fulfill the role of translator, responding to the live stream from their own practice.

Live performances

Friday October 9th
10:00-13:30 – Sofie Hollander
13:30-17:00 – Mike Suijkerbuijk

Saturday October 10th
10:00-17:00 – Astrid Collectief

Sunday October 11th
10:00-13:30 – Puck Kroon
13:30-17:00 – Bo Stokkermans

Following the guidelines of the RIVM, we aim to ensure the safety for both the visitor and the exhibitor. We would like to ask visitors to cooperate, keeping 1.5m distance and we ask for your understanding for possible queues.