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EXHIBITION (no booking required) 

Willem Twee is a platform and presentation place for talented artists. They offer artists a dynamic place where their work is presented. Also, they stimulate collaborations with a multidisciplinary character and there is extra attention for young and innovative art, such as the work of Daisy Roefs and Eline Burmanje.

Daisy Roefs shows her photo project ‘Ikyoshie’, which is the result of an extensive research into the perception of the colonial term ‘Indians’. What are the consequences of a naive, western, photographic view of non-western cultures and how do you deal with this as a white, privileged photographer? After a trip to Suriname, Roefs herself realized that her image is still strongly influenced by the romanticized image of indigenous peoples that is presented to us in books, films, plays and photographs.

Eline Burmanje shows her photo project ‘The Pettable Therapist‘, in which she investigates our relationship and bond with animals. Driven by her personal fascination for animals and care, she wants to show that physical and mental contact between humans and animals can counterbalance the stress caused by today’s society. Themes such as loneliness, intimacy and bonding play an important role in her work.

Following the guidelines of the RIVM, we aim to ensure the safety for both the visitor and the exhibitor. We would like to ask visitors to cooperate, keeping 1.5m distance and we ask for your understanding for possible queues.