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There is no better place to present brand new books than Nieuwe Veste. Please visit the recently renovated library and enjoy the exhibition of books by the graduates of Illustrated & Animated Storytelling. The graduates look very much forward to reading their books to the audience and take you through the design process.

Time schedule and booking book presentations:
7 Oct. 14:00h – 15:00h
Tekke de Teek (Carlijn van der Leede) – kids age 4-8
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10 Oct. 11:00h – 12:00h
De kracht van Dromen (Eva Esser) – kids age 4-8
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14 Oct. 14:00h – 15:00h
Witte Vieven (Denise Vervuren) – age 8-12
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17 Oct. 11:00h – 12:00h
Nin (Calle van Laar) – age 4-8
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Following the guidelines of the RIVM, we aim to ensure the safety for both the visitor and the exhibitor. We would like to ask visitors to cooperate, keeping 1.5m distance and we ask for your understanding for possible queues.