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"No more worries about healthcare."

I founded an organization as a designer. Zorg Spot is committed to providing more insight into the information and communication of the healthcare sector towards the patient. Zorg Spot strives to develop an app so that citizens no longer have to worry about healthcare.

Through the animation I want to inspire and activate healthcare innovators to work together. The animation aims to initiate a movement. I want to connect people. I want to make the impossible possible. Together we will provide insight into healthcare. My ambition is – together with various experts – to develop a tool that gives you 24/7 insight into your own healthcare as a patient. A system in which the patient is in control instead of the care provider (s). The website is intended to show in an informative way what the organization stands for, what we want to do and what we want to achieve. With a clear Call-To-Action to work together. Together we can develop carefree care.