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Wailing Women shows my love and fascination for one of the many small folktales in our big world.

On her way to the village of Berkendal, Maya gets lost in the forest. During her journey she meets the supernatural, like Will ‘o the Wisps and the Wailing Women! But when Maya is tested by them, she must make an important choice that can change her life for good….

Bring this story to life with hidden animations. You as a reader have the power to make decisions for Maya on how her story will end, so choose wisely!

Wailing Women is a graphic novel with Augmented Reality about the Dutch folklore De Witte Wieven. This book is meant to introduce Dutch children to one of the many folklore tales we have in our country, because most Dutch folktales stay unknown for them. The project shows that education doesn’t always have to be seen as boring. It can be fun and interactive!