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Colourful and iconic objects draw my attention. A row of containers on the sidewalk: they make me happy. These objects are building blocks for my sculptural interventions in public space.

With my colorful sculptures I give an aesthetic and humorous reaction to these different gardens. All of them have a unique character in them. One of them has a bright yellow bench, while another fills it with pink flowers only. They have a personal touch, while next to that they’re also part of our public space. It’s a place between what is personal and public. For me as an artist this is an interesting area because here we can search for differences and similarities. My sculptural interventions are striking and suggestive. The base of my works are collected objects which I bring together in my sculptures. A lot of people think they recognize something in my work. Because of that it can connect with every visitor on a different level. It evokes memories of a playful and iconic everyday object.