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De Tapijttegels’ video Symphony is an assembled approach towards the medium film, composed through nose whistling, dj scratch bleeps and field recordings at the Valkhof park.

De Tapijttegels is a duo ensemble comprised of Sid Dankers and Nadia van Essen. A skilled kazoo player, and a trained nose-flautist who combine their qualities in analogue live performances in which dusty, yet electrifying sounds, are created. During the interaction of this somewhat naive orchestral duo, they examine the context and immediate environment in which they are located. Through experimental self-publishing and inviting others for collaborations, they explore their direct surroundings. This results in orchestral consequences that can take place in live-performances and on cassette tapes.

Their new tape will be released soon!…
For bookings, email: detapijttegels@gmail.com