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A visual story about the growing friendship between two peers in which the fatality of the one comes into conflict with the carelessness of the other.

When the twenty-one year old Robin gets confronted by a deadly disease, her life completely changes. This, in contrast with the life of fellow young adolescent Simone Spee.

Photographer and documentary-producer Simone, follows the young Robin throughout a complete year in her project ‘Van Leeftijds Genoten’ – (‘From Peers’). Guided by a growing friendship and in-depth conversations between the two young women, Simone is confronted with her own life through emotional growth. By working with a documentary method and being personal and intimate, she tries to get as close as possible to her subject. In her book, Simone tells the story of a growing friendship and the conflict of Robin’s disease in contrast to her own healthy and untroubled life. This by using photos, ‘diary-like’ pieces of texts and an audio clip. Guided by ethical dilemmas, realizations and personal thoughts, Simone hopes to question the viewer about their own realizations of their own carefree or less troubled life.