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'Making the inconspicuous stand out, through striking design interventions.'

I want people to notice the inconspicuous, and I want to accomplish that by adorning it with outstanding interventions. My preference goes out to products which have been forgotten, as it were. These are the products which show what is going wrong in our current society. Products like chairs, tables and rugs for example, are the kinds of products which are being renewed constantly by designers and artists. They keep searching for new user experiences by endlessly trying out new designs.

That’s a whole other story from what has been going on with the design of, for example, plinths, window sills and door frames. These products have been stuck with the same design for years. During the eight years I have visited the Dutch Design Week, I have never seen any of the aforementioned products on display, whilst I have seen quite a fair share of chairs, tables and other furniture there. How can it be that we seem to have forgotten about plinths and window sills? They seem to seep into the architecture surrounding them, because they emanate purely function.