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Garments are memorymakers, just like that certain song reminding you of that one person, place or occasion.

To me personally, garments are true memory makers. Just like that certain song igniting intense nostalgia, reminding you of that one person, place or occasion. That’s why I named my project the Unfashionshow. It’s not important to me how fashionable your clothes are or how much money you gave out on those specific branded trousers. I just really want to know the story behind it. Taking this as a starting point to my project, I delved deeper into the positive relationships between clothes and humans. During the research, I reached out to many different individuals to find out if I’m the only one who considers her clothes like this. Turned out I’m not. I started designing tools to make these stories shareable. This led to different outcomes such as ‘clothing library’ and the ‘clothing graveyard’. Here you swap clothes with handwritten stories attached to them.