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Therapiedag’ is an online blog that tells you an autobiographical story about a girl who is struggling with herself and finds a grip in her life again with the help of schematherapy.

‘Therapiedag’ is an online blog which tells the autobiographical story of a girl who after experiencing emotional struggles, regains control of her life with the help of schematherapy. This visual diary explains everything you need to know about schematherapy and together; you and Heavenleigh will travel the bumpy road of self doubt to reach hope, enlightenment, and mental health.

The aim of this blog is to introduce schematherapy as a treatment for people with persistent anxiety, mood symptoms, and/or long-term problems with their personal functioning.

Illustrator and visual storyteller Heavenleigh Jeroense wants to share her knowledge and experiences through this blog to inspire anyone who’s suffering and let them know they’re not alone.