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I combine my love for commercial content with a cultural purpose, because I find it important to stand for something in my work.

Play The Woke Winner now on WWW.THEWOKEWINNER.COM. Our latest generations are remarkably invested in social and cultural topics such as racism, climate change and feminism. Thanks to the internet we have unlimited digital access to the world, which makes us able to watch, post and share what’s happening overseas within a few clicks. This consciousness mixed with our direct accessibility to respond to the problems, turns a lot of people into activists.

Companies are well aware of these interests, so much that they have created an unreliable marketing strategy by using social injustice to sell their products. This is called woke washing. I want to make consumers aware of the fact that woke washing exists. I’ve done this by creating The Woke Winner, a slot machine in which you can win your own woke product. But be aware, all the products have a twist…