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At the corner of the street, a town house, a trailer full of ruble, security cameras, an outdated caravan and barking dogs. I stood still, rung the bell and never left since.

Documentary The Travelers, a portrait of a traditional family of the society’s lower class. What was originally a nomadic family, now lives in what they themselves call a ‘civic home’. The base of the family consists of Anna and Pedro. They live together with their two daughters, Johanna (16) and Noëlla (11). Much of their day is spent smoking cigarettes on the couch and contemplating what to have for dinner. The daughters in the meantime live in their world: struggling with boredom, teenage problems, friends and love.

While stuck on the couch, the family dreams of a completely different life. Their grant wish is living in a trailer camp. Despite this endless desire, there is love, a dog running around and potatoes that need to be peeled. A portrait of simple life, at times gentle, at times harsh.