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A personal story where you take a look into the brain of the oh so contagious virus, namely the herd behavior.

In a film I show how I view herd behavior (around the face masks). For this I used a combination of found photos and self-made images. The goal of my project was to gain more insight into herd behavior. 

In my opinion, herd behavior works a bit like a virus. You are infected by your fellow man. 

I started with a negative outlook. This was because of my past, when bullies just blindly chased each other like sheep. During my research I discovered herd behavior in different shapes and sizes and also saw more positive aspects. People turned to survival instinct. They became more creative out of necessity, in order not to become infected with the Corona virus. The herd behavior arose together, but how everyone reacted to this was very unique and different: creative. Through this research I have seen a lot of creativity with regard to making face masks. This has given me a more positive view of herd behavior. People did not blindly chase each other, but used their creative minds.