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A moment of analogue contact with an animal can counterbalance the stress that is caused by our 'volatile society'.

“A dog knows better what is going on in his owner’s head than that owner knows about his dog’s head”
– Midas Dekkers, Biologist.

Unlike humans, animals live in the here and now. They aren’t concerned about the future or the past. As people in this ‘volatile society’ with a bizarre amount of stimuli, we can learn a lot from this. From her work as a socially driven documentary photographer, Eline Burmanje takes a look at our interaction and bond with animals. The themes she explores vary from loneliness, intimacy and attachment to the influence of animals on psychiatric patients.

Burmanje started this project from her fascination with two subjects; animals and healthcare. She is convinced that a moment of analogue contact can counterbalance the stress that this society causes. During her research, she discovered that every person needs a certain way of care, not just the most vulnerable in society.