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I am a curious and ambitious maker who has translated the mental illness schizophrenia into my own visual style of illustrating and drawing inspiration from an old classic literary book written by Evelyn Waugh.

As a visual storyteller I am always searching for a new challenge, which appeals and amazes me. My graphic novel is all about the interesting theme, our minds. This complicated organ decides about the state of our thinking and acting. Without this organ we would only be an empty shell. But what if our minds are betraying and misleading us? My illustrated story is about a schizophrenic, who is slowly slipping away from reality into the madness of his mental disease. I was inspired by the well-known literary book, ‘The ordeal of mister Pinfold’, written by the famous writer Evelyn Waugh. Due to his book, I translated the original story into my own imagery and unique perspective of a mentally ill. With this combination of text and images, I am hoping to spread more awareness and understanding for mental diseases with my audience. Despite my heavy subject, this book is very accessible and appealing to read and experience.