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You are invited to collaborate on the last machine manufactured in the Backer and Rueb factory hall!

After graduating, I continued my artistic research. The Last Machine reflects the next step in this process. This new participatory work invites the public to become part of a historic manufacturing process. The Graduation Show takes place in the old Backer and Rueb factory. Backer and Rueb created machines and was founded in the 19th century. It once played a significant role in Breda’s industrial sector. Almost thirty years ago, however, it was declared bankrupt. This beautiful factory hall will soon have a new purpose. From its historic role as a bustling area of industrial productivity, to a creative hub as part of a new urban district. The last Machine reflects on the past and future of this fascinating factory. Visitors to the show are invited to collaborate in this performative work. Together we shall create ‘the last machine’ ever to be built in this historic factory.