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Puck Kroon (1996) is fascinated by the interspace, she records the transit, the vacuum and the nothingness through intangible, serial research where the visible context is the starting point.

Making the invisible visible, making audible what remains inaudible: the sound of the space forms the foundation for a direct spacescape, a soundscape of the space. The spectator is assigned a central position because he or she also carries sound, recognisable noise such as footsteps, coughing and shuffling that is filtered in the daily. The installation of sound equipment is a model for this phenomenon. Placing accents, as an invitation to reflect on what is already present: a combination of confusion, realization of being part of and curiosity. By placing the recorder, the various microphones and the necessary cabling in full visibility, a construction is created. Just as the circulatory system makes the connections between the heart and the vessels, the cables expose the veins from the vibrations that cause the sound, making the blood rush to the ears. The branches are visible, trace the source. How long do you keep listening?