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Amsterdam based artist who works with a multitude of media.

…The walls have ears, Ahmad…’, my mother used to say. In Syria parents tell this often to their children.

It is a phrase that all children have been raised with.’The walls have ears’, or, don’t speak up about politics or freedoms you have a right to as a human being. Freedom of speech is a taboo in Syria. So, I was silent. I’ve always felt trapped between these ‘listening walls’ and I have even been imprisoned between 4 walls during the revolution in Syria. My past is the inspiration behind my work. I’ve started capturing my stories in art and language, in order to share them with people.

After being brought up with the concept that ‘even the walls have ears’; it was a difficult but incredible journey to choose and express myself to the extreme. In art. By painting and portraying I observed my fears. My sorrow. My frustrations. Creating art helped me to heal my soul and mind. I am the maker and I am the artwork. And even though the walls have ears, I am silent no more.