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Samantha Grijmans is a speculative oriented designer. By creating “what if” situations she creates a dialogue for a current problem by showing a possible future.

A glimpse in the future of the aging human being ,in a world that is not so different from our present time. In this future we use our natural shedding process as a way to prolong our life. When we go through this shedding, we get rid of our physical discomforts.

We are extending our life with medical means and with each generation our lifespan gets longer and we are getting older.

This way we no longer have to think about an end. It gives us more time to improve our quality of life, by being able to respond to our mistakes in a timely manner without taking another generation to fix the mistakes. We can also get stuck in our old behavior, reducing our quality of life and making it progressively worse.

But this is a distant future issue? Or is it better to start right now?