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A voice, music, sound, words form a fragmented story about looking for intimacy and safety in their personal surroundings.

When I’m in a process of making, the borders between what I experience as ‘real’ and fantasy are blurred. I project human characteristics on the objects I create, they become characters in a story, the story expands and turns into a work…a ginger root could be my pet, a mole raging in my head, the tongue is being breastfed. In the slumbering part of yourself things occur that aren’t logical. By using language I try to capture that illogic. language to me is something rational, a tool with which you try to understand and divide the world in a rational manner.

I’m looking for a way to use language where the intuition is addressed. Sound and music are my assistants. Sound has a physical quality, it can envelop you, you can get transported to somewhere else. that closeness is essential to me. The work is born in a personal place and my relation to the work feels very intimate. I would like to give you some of that intimacy. Ear canal, malleus, incus, stapes, cochlea…a snail shell. Spirals, curled up, in there I feel safe. Your bed, your body, your home feel steady, they are things you can always come back to. However the protection they offer feels vulnerable to me: how can I feel safe without being dependent on something outside myself?