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Hallucinating desert stories

In my Zine and installation called “Sky And Sand” I want to show a new perspective on the mysterious desert.

The inspiration for this project came last summer when I traveled through the Death Valley desert in America and was fascinated by this unravelled landscape. In the Zine I tell a fictional story about three special characters: Bob Lazar (alien scientist), Bugsy Siegel (gangster) and Hunter S. Thompson (crazy journalist).

Hunter S. is on his way to Las Vegas but gets distracted by hallucinations. Desert stories entangle him into a visual trip. What’s causing these hallucinations? The intoxicating heat? Fata morgana’s? Dreaming away in a web of voices and visions he starts questioning himself.

The installation where you can read the Zine and contains a sculpture and furniture pieces which form an important part of the story in the Zine. These are designed in collaboration with Koen van Eeckhoutte.