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Sheer Joy, a collection in which design pieces are made to question the value of a disposable product.

Sheer Joy is a portrait of tights, showing a layered world full of ideals, transparency and annoyances.

This looked down on textile has a charm. A thin and fragile but no less interesting.

The lack of control, the sober texture and the contrast between perfection and worthlessness. Here the challenges of working with tights are turned into positive aspects.

The products are made of recycled materials. All tights and almost all added materials are second hand. This increases the risk of imperfections, but thanks to the reuse of materials, an emotional and environmentally friendly layer can also be added to a product. Something I really appreciate as a designer.

This creates a collection where an inspiration is carried out and at the same time a new inspiration is evoked.

‘Inspired by a colorful and raw world, I try to surprise the viewer with new possibilities. My works offer a new perspective on the qualities of the details of everyday life’.