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An over-the-top family dinner, where all relationships are clearer than ever, but one sentence changes everything.

‘Service a la Russe’ is a film about family, the mutual ties and the fact that you have nothing to choose from. A film that shows how difficult it is to feel different from others. What happens when a norm has been set on which you have no say This is a film in which the loyalty of a child to a parent becomes visible. A perspective that needs to be put in the light in today’s society. For me as a maker, it is a triumph to be able to make this film. Apart from the fact that I think this theme should be discussed, I also used my personal experiences during the creation of the screenplay. Personal experiences that I can now look back on with my head held high. I hope that my story, being a creator, can inspire others. That it can serve as a motivation to persevere, to reach out for support with both hands and to have faith in the fact that it can get better.