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In an age where everything merely goes faster, both in film and in life, I invite you with my work to pause and listen, to linger and look, and, above all, to take things slowly.

My name is Joy Heijnen and I am a video artist. I am always on the move, just like many other people in our current society. We are always busy with upcoming events that reside in a future destination. While wandering and observing the streets of Rotterdam the many palm trees struck my attention. Palmtrees, as a symbol for paradise. It made me want to go searching for it, not one with the sandy beaches and a blue ocean but one that is closer to home. In my video installation ‘Searching for palm trees in a concrete jungle’, I’m searching for poetry in the city Rotterdam. By capturing the appropriation of this space in a playful way, I question the functionality that nowadays is most prominent in the city. I hope to provoke people to climb trees, play and use their freedom to follow their own curiosity. Thanks for visiting my page 🙂