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'Roze Mist' reduces the complexity around motherhood by making one on one conversation more accessible.

The diversity and complexity of the topic of motherhood can be overwhelming for women. I want to reduce this chaos by making one on one conversation more accessible. The result of this is Roze Mist, a ‘tinder-app’ I designed for (future) mothers. Not for dating, but for questions and advice. The medium makes it possible to guarantee anonymity while having intimate conversations. With a dating app you are selected on your face, but I wanted the face to tell more about you than just your appearance. The user creates a face for their profile by answering some questions. These answers will determine what the face will look like, so it can tell more about you and your situation. The match will be made based on your profile and the topic of conversation. Topics the user can’t discuss with just any one in their circle like diabetes, fertility and adoption.