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During Playmotion toddlers experience, look and talk about their interpretations of shapes concerning known feelings and emotions.

“Playmotion” starts the conversation between teacher and toddlers about experiencing shapes concerning known feelings and emotions. It allows children to playfully interpret shapes with an unbiased view on the basis of short stories based on emotions such as “Sad” or “Happy”. The toddlers choose 3 physical forms that visually match their interpretation of the described emotion. We experience, look, talk, learn and consider what shapes look like based on their visual characteristics and what they radiate in this way.
The method shows us that all images are different, and they all have a different interpretation. We cannot capture these interpretations in rules, because they can be different for everyone. But we can, however, make them negotiable. Because when we practice making connections between shapes and emotion, we teach our new generation (in an early phase) that images can also be means of communication.