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Online platform for Photographers

The platform ‘Bees on Flowers’ provides a connection between the photographer and the client. The photographer has to indicate what his/her expertise is and the clients have to say what expertise they need. They are then matched on the basis of expertise, theme and goal. The platform offers more visibility for artists and photographers, so that they can gain insight into specific assignments that fit in with their working methods and themes. This makes it possible to link photographers to assignments in a more targeted way, which results in better work with regard to content. The work that will appear on the platform is not only commercial work, but also a photographer’s autonomous projects. This makes it easier for a client to see whether a photographer would be suitable for an alternative assignment, such as a workshop, lecture or lessons at schools or institutions.

The platform offers support for better communication between photographers and clients. This means, among other things, that after a match, a step-by-step plan is followed, in which consideration is given to costs, concept development and planning.