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Both my great passion for the magical world in which children live and the desire to teach children something about our society, ensure that with my work as an illustrator I'm able to take children on a wonderful adventure through the beautiful as well as the less pleasant sides of life.

On November 9 and 10, 1938, all over Germany Jews were attacked and their property destroyed. A history we would rather forget, but nevertheless important to remember and continue to discuss. In this book children are introduced, in a subdued way, to this gruesome prelude to World War II, known as the Kristallnacht.

The morning of November 10, 1998, Lenna is sent on an important mission by her dad. Just before she can complete it, she loses her most precious stuffed bunny, Nin. Lenna does everything she can to find Nin but for a moment forgets why she was outside in the first place… What’s the ending to this both cute and unnerving story?