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Vulnerability may be, it's a way of loving yourself.

My vulnerability, this is something you don’t just expose. But sometimes this is really important to make people more aware of what it all entails. With my project I will tell the stories of women with a psychical vulnerability. This way I want to tell people the story behind ‘the disorder’. Therefore, I hope to reduce the stigmatization on mental health issues which are created by unawareness. Many of us hide behind a happy life. We present it like we have a perfect existence but in real life there is so much more. For example, so many people suffer from mental health issues. But sadly, this is a subject in our society which claims so many preconceptions and stigmatizations. This makes it hard for people with mental health issues to talk about it in the open. While this is such an important subject to talk about.

With my project I share stories of women with a mental disorder or if they had one in the past. Each of them finds it hard to talk about their experiences, but find it more important to reduce the preconceptions. So they choose to tell their stories. The stories are very personal and sensory focused. Through the use of metaphors, I try to offer recognition and convey the feeling.