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“I am a sensitive individual who wants to transform the ordinary into remarkable tangible memories.”

We have a habit of buying souvenirs, as reminders of our whereabouts. By linking memories to objects, one makes them tangible. My personal souvenirs consist of a collection of stones and shells. I focus on the smallest details when I am somewhere. Why shouldn’t I share this habit with you? Instead of buying the same mass-produced souvenirs, your personal memory deserves to be linked to something less general.

My collection is the result of a quest to make memories tactile. As a designer, I will show you how I make your and my own memories tangible, with a collection of objects that lets you dwell on a moment and your environment. I also designed a unique tool, with which I present you with a new possibility to create your own unique memorabilia, with the added value of creating memories. They shape who you are and help you make choices in the future.