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Exercises in the fine art of wandering. What is wisdom? Wanting to know or daring to doubt? For those who avoid doubts, there is only serendipity left. After all, one does not need to know the wandering before one can get lost; nevertheless it makes sense to master wandering. In doing so, let us avoid the error of absolute contradictions; they only exist in language. The antonyms seem to represent two opposite poles, two extremes, but in reality the one cannot exist without harboring even the tiniest bit of the other. The smallest contains the largest as well as the largest the smallest. By holding on to contradictions, it seems that only two outcomes are always available. The pointer moves between these two poles and everything seems measurable with that. But the bipolar view is a simplification of reality. The poles are more versatile, versatile to infinity. Dare to doubt, don’t be afraid to get lost and see how wandering is possible anytime and anywhere; behold rationality in all its absurdity; see with your own eyes how magical reality can be; but, also when wandering, watch out when crossing the road!