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Contributing to the enrichment of Aruba's marine ecosystem.

Coral reefs have been in danger for many years and only a small group of people have been working on monitoring, protecting and restoring threatened coral reefs. Many Islands have overlooked the importance of corals and the community is unaware of the current conditions of the coral reef surrounding their Island.

There is more to learn about coral reefs than we know. They are living geological structures, which are home to over 4,000 species of fish, 700 species of corals, and thousands of other plants and animal life. By bringing the coral reefs to the surface you can experience their magnitude in biodiversity, fragileness and beauty, without having to harm their environment.

From the comfort of your daily scrolling, you can learn about corals and the importance of having a healthy coral reef. With this newly obtained knowledge, you as the decision maker can make conscious decisions when the time comes.