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Living the childfree life.

“Oh girl, you are so young! That desire to have children will really come later.” Well, I don’t think so… 1 in 5 women choose a life without children. Yet there is still a big taboo. ‘Geen kind, prima toch?’ is committed to people who don’t want children.

“I am fed up with childfree people constantly having to justify themselves for their choice. Because have you ever asked a pregnant woman why she does want children? I bet you haven’t.”

‘Geen kind, prima toch?’ Can be found on social media where childfree people find support and recognition. We tell our personal stories through the online protest march, we break the taboo and give others the strength to be proud of their life without children. Read the stories on Instagram @geenkindprimatoch

Because it’s time for a change. Time for a new standard in this society!