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A radical approach to live streaming

Contemporary visual culture is based on consuming a constant flow of images. In the past the television block has always embodied this way of communicating. With the arrival of the internet this traditionally one way communication exploded into a fragmentation and exploitation of content. Where previously the masses were addressed, there is now a possibility for the individual to create content themselves. Factors such as quality and duration have become abstract. Streamers and influencers fulfill a place in society as new role models.

In previous experimental collaborations we have studied aspects such as time, endurance and improvisation. We want to explore the given request of a live stream by taking this same energy and radically explore this medium. The live stream will be approached as our own work where live images and existing works will be mixed together.

At the same time we want to create an open space where participating exhibitors can submit their works or take part in improvisations which are broadcasted live. Besides, this live stream also contains different programs which will be hosted by the participants themselves. As a counter reaction of this visual exchange, images out of our shared artistic practices will randomly appear and introduce a more cartoonish and mystical world.

Stedelijk Museum Breda will provide a space for the live stream. In this physical space in the city centre performing artists will be translating the live stream by taking the audio as a starting point. Out of this, a new scene will appear.