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No one is completely good or completely evil. The characters in my story reflect this. They are both hero and villain.

“Er zit een monster(tje) in mij” / “Little monster in me” is a picture book for children aged 6 – 9. In this book we follow Tom and Mara. Tom and Mara both play in the garden. But they do not play together. Tom pretends to be a vicious monster, a monster that destroys everything that crosses his path. Mara on the other hand tries to protect everything in the garden. The two children come into a conflict with each other, which teaches them to apologize and teaches them how they can play together.

An unique aspect about my book is the usage of perspective. Every left page shows the perspective of Tom and every right page shows the story through Mara her point of view. This way there are no protagonists or antagonists. They are both heroes and villains. This strengthens the message “everybody has both good and evil in them”