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100% naturally dyed with respect for people and environment

When I found out that the clothing industry was one of the most polluting industries in the world, I was shocked. Apart from the negative effects of the resources used, large amounts of water and the large amount of pollution, I found another unexposed problem, the painting process. Everybody loves a piece of clothing with a nice colour. But that isn’t always that beneficial for people and the environment. This is because the chemicals that are used during the painting process are unhealthy for employees and it pollutes our rivers too.

KLEREZOOI is created to introduce young people to the process of naturally colouring their clothes. The result of a toolkit is to give clothes a second life. The toolkit consists of several natural materials, an instruction manual and the KLEREZOOI clothing label. To amplify the message, I started a clothing line in which second hand clothes are painted with natural materials. With this clothing line, I’d like to inspire young people. It’s time to clean up this mess!