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INBLIK is an online radio and podcast. Out of collaborations we create auditory content, in the aim to construct a platform where different realities can be shared.

I invite us to reformulate perception, by the way that we are always able to adapt our behavior in respect to other existence in a shared situation.

In search for new perceptions, different ordening and to obelize herarchy; Malú van der Bijl and me started INBLIK. INBLIK is a research platform in the realm of online radio and podcast. We form a team with the surrounding context, so a new situation will always bring up collaborations that create auditory content of the radio. During the last period of our study INBLIK had weekly radio transmissions, working with different people from our class. For days, and sometimes weeks, we became part of their environment, exploring the subjects from our/ their artistic practice through audio. Visit the website to dive into our podcast: www.inblikradio.nl