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There is no freedom without control, but finding the right balance is imperative.

Artist and producer Jamie Jansen investigates the boundaries of control and freedom in her multimedia installations. Inspired by her own urge for control faced with a strong desire for freedom, she shows us the controlling society we live in and brings it up for discussion with her project: Helena. She asks herself: How important is it to want to have control over everything?

Through this interactive multimedia installation influenced by the fast growing new digital developments during the Covid-19 pandemic, she illustrates what happens if a self-thinking system adopts human traits such as fear; mistrust and manipulation patterns. The emergence of a paranoid artificial intelligence security system. Helena is this paranoid AI-security system and carries out her own assignments necessary to ensure the safety of each individual. By means of this installation, the viewer can experience what the impact would be if artificial intelligence goes too far with their controlling surveillance.