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“Dit project neemt het (te snel) stellen van diagnoses kritisch onder de loep. Oh, en verf die fietsbel wit!”

No diagnosis, no right to healthcare allowance. This means mental healthcare professionals have to put labels on patients within a short conversation. These labels, based on a book with a generalized checklist, while mental health is different for any individual. This brings many negative aspects, such as wrong medication and a warped self image. Based on research and conversations with professionals and experience experts, I’ve created several manifestations which close the gap between the experience experts and “regular people”.

Containing the Diagnoses to go – bicycle, a public experience which shows the quick diagnosis process. Along with a call to action to paint your bicycle bell white, showing their support. Besides these physical forms, I’ve set up an Instagram page where I share other peoples stories and the expressions I’ve made myself. All these manifestations can be seen in the film, which combines all expressions into one video.