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This colorful, beautifully detailed and fun comicbook called "De Schaamtestraat en de Burenruzie" tells the story of an apartment block full of neighbours always yelling at eachother, arguing and calling eachother out. When the neighbours get a mysterious letter that tells them that their home will be destroyed in a few weeks time, they need to work together and listen to eachother; somehting they never, ever do. But how is that going to work out? And what about the green pigeon?

It never gets quiet in the apartment block “De Schaamtestraat”; the neighbours that live there are always fighting with each other and no single day goes by without an argument or two (or three, or fifteen). There isn’t quite a sense of solidarity and most quarrels start with some kind of disagreement about the way of living between all seven housholds. How can you praise three filthy street dogs as if they are kings, but at the same time eat meat everyday? And what about the girl always wearing croptops, but claiming that she is the feminist around here?

When all the neighbours receive a mysterious letter about their apartment block going to get demolished, they need to start listening to each other if they want to save their beloved home. There is no plan B. In the meantime doggies Gerrit, Rover and Siepie run by, and the two twinbrothers Roger and Randy already know someone is hiding something. And then there’s that green pigeon every now and again… Welcome in De Schaamtestraat!