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Working with different media such as oil painting, film, music and 3d animation, leads me towards a way of understanding the world and it’s fixed concepts about time, history and art itself.

What does history still mean when we cannot relate to it anymore? What kind of history does the image carry within itself? History, as we are presented to it in framed eras, causes a great misunderstanding of time and its possible fluid form. I do not believe that history is limited to the frameworks in which it is placed, but that it is liquid and still lives on. From this critical view I try to question the history of the image. Within my research I am looking for the layered meaning of image, starting with the works of Michelangelo.

By placing the images in different contexts and expressing them in different media, I try to unravel other meanings. Michelangelo’s David is not only the image within a defined era. How will I relate to the image differently once it has been taken out of its original context and manifests itself as a painting, a performative object and as an element of a digital landscape?