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Exploring the experience of lightheartedness and timelessness.

Manon Jeuken creates scenes that raise the perception of being part of a bigger picture. What this bigger picture might be, remains currently unanswered. With the inspiration of an oasis, Manon plays with the concepts of reality and illusion. In the oasis, the mind can come to rest, roam in space, and play without the pressure of time. Manon creates site specific installations, in which sculptures and photography play a central role.

By combining photos with sculptures, she wants to raise a sense of disorientation for the spectator; focused on what is and what was. Through her creation, Manon hopes to free the spectator from the everyday burdens, by summoning another world. She strives to enable a sense of freedom. Free from the past, free from the future and present in the here and now. Manon explores the experience of lightheartedness and timelessness.