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“A project where comic and animation teams up beautifully to tell a magical story”

Step into a world where a little bit of magic water in your coffee helps you through the day. Follow Dara and her best friend Michael in their quest to uncover the secrets behind the magical water and monopoly government has on it.

Bottled Up is a partially animated comic on Instagram made by Kimberley Rochat and Caitlin Kwaijtaal. With this project they respond to the emergence of online communities and fandoms on social media platforms, in the case of Bottled Up on Instagram. Their goal is to set up a longer running storyline, forming an online community around this project and amusing an audience at the same time.

Within this project Kimberley mostly focuses on the comic panels and character development, while Caitlin works on animation, shading and overarching plot of the story.

Bottled Up is still ongoing on Instagram, click the link on this page to start reading.