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A furniture collection about blind and partially sighted people.

The collection titled ‘Verblinden’ (blinding) consists of four designs, each of which is linked to a visually impaired person. The designs each tell its own story. The name of the person telling the story of the design is also the name of the unique piece of furniture (stool Veronique, chair Joop, picture frame Liesbeth and carpet Kitty). Through this collection, I aim to show non-blind people what visually impaired people do see, so as to create more affinity between these groups of people.

By connecting personal stories to physical objects that they described to me, a world of tangible and personal objects about visually impaired people is created, and a dream world of tangible, surreal objects is created for the viewer. This is supposed to arouse curiosity among non-blind people and recognition among the visually impaired.