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‘Blessed Be’ is an exploration of a daily environment in which the borders of consciousness are constantly dissolving and transcendence is being actively sought after.

Set in one of the most remote and sparsely populated areas in The Netherlands lives Pia – or as she likes to be called; de Wikster van ‘het Wad’ (Witch of the Mudflat). She lives alone within miles of grasslands, next to the sea in the north of Groningen, and is seen living quietly and passing time with mystical rituals, some as old as Pagan times.

Pia has a different worldview to most people in the 21st Century, which is explicitly expressed in her witchcraft. She is not ashamed to say that there are great things to be found in that which we can not explain and this is what drew me – as a filmmaker – to her. Blessed Be is about the way we perceive and create our (own) reality. Pia, with her way of living, proves to me that there are innumerable ways to conceive this reality.